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  This section brings you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to BBC,the services offered by BBC and also cardiovascular diseases.The questions that are included in this section have been organized into different categories for your convenience. Please select a category relevant to the questions for which you would like to seek answer.  
  After surgery  
  1. Stair climbing after surgery
  2. Walking after surgery
  3. Joining work after surgery
  4. Bed rest after surgery
  5. Steel wires
  6. Sex after surgery
  7. Conception after surgery
  8. Travelling after surgery
  9. Travelling after surgery
  10. Smoking / drinking after surgery
  11. Position of sleeping
  12. Food after surgery
  After surgery
  Question # : 1  
  Title : Stair climbing after surgery  
  Description:- Is stair climbing allowed after the surgery ?  
  Answer :-Yes, from the day of discharge patients can climb stairs slowly to avoid getting tired. It would not lead to angina or heart attack.  
  Question # : 2  
  Title : Walking after surgery  
  Description :- When and how much a patient should walk after surgery ?  
  Answer :- Usually by the 3rd or 4th day of the surgery patients are allowed to walk. He / She should not get tired.  
  Question # : 3  
  Title : Joining work after surgery  
  Description :- When can a patient join office / Work ?  
  Answer :- You may gradually return to work in approx. 8 weeks after discharge.  
  Question # : 4  
  Title : Bed rest after surgery  
  Description :- Do patient's need bed rest after surgery ?  
  Answer :- Not at all. Infact patients are encouraged to start light activities like walking, reading, watching TV soon after the surgery.  
  Question # : 5  
  Title : Steel wires  
  Description :- Are steel wires which are put in the chest after the surgery taken out after a period of time ?  
  Answer :- There is no need to remove them, they can remain there.  
  Question # : 6  
  Title : Sex after surgery  
  Description :- Can a patient have normal sex life after surgery ?  
  Answer :- The exertion reached by a patient during intercourse is similar to walking approx. half a mile at a brisk pace or climbing one or two flights of stairs. When you can perform these activities without becoming fatigued or short of breath, sexual activities can be resumed.  
  Question # : 7  
  Title : Conception after surgery  
  Description :- Is it safe for a woman to conceive after surgery?  
  Answer :- Yes, it is completely safe but they must inform their gynecologist that they are on anticoagulants.  
  Question # : 8  
  Title : Travelling after surgery  
  Description :- How soon the patient can understand long distance journey after the surgery?  
  Answer :- Normally patient can undertake journey right after the stitch removal, i.e 15 days after the surgery. But the final decision is taken by the doctor after assessing the patien over all conditions.  
  Question # : 9  
  Title : Travelling after surgery.  
  Description :- Is it safe to travel by air?  
  Answer :- It is safe to travel in air crafts which have pressurised chambers.  
  Question # : 10  
  Title : Smoking / drinking after surgery  
  Description :- Can i smoke / drink after surgery?  
  Answer :- It is important that you must stop smoking and do not resume it. Never drink alcohol during the recovery period after that the patient is advised to consult their doctor.  
  Question # : 11  
  Title : Position of sleeping  
  Description :- Can I assume side way position while sleeping?  
  Answer :- Patients are allowed to take sideways position but not for long (5-10 minutes) but always with the support of pillow. It is alright to take left side position also, if the patient is comfortable.  
  Question # : 12  
  Title : Food after surgery  
  Description :- What kind of food or diet can I take after surgery?  
  Answer :- The dietician will guide you about the quantity and quality of food at the time of discharge and subsequent follow-ups.  
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